It’s done. Finished. Completed. Komplett. Fait. Finito. Volledig.

My Realtor sent me an email to let me know that everything has been signed, sealed, and delivered. I’m officially done with that chapter. My life has been in turmoil ever since the market collapsed and it is so bittersweet. On the one hand I’m happy that it’s over and that I no longer have to worry about drowning in debt. On the other hand I feel like a failure.

I bought a place thinking that it would grow in equity and that I could possibly move somewhere else and then I could keep this as a rental or that I could sell it and turn the profit into something better.

Instead everything went all pear shaped and after four years I end up being 100k upside-down. Such a strange turn of events. I don’t think anyone thought that it would be this way, that the market would collapse as it has, that people would be left stranded with absolutely no help from their lending institution because those very banks who we made our deals with participated in shady maneuvers and risky profit-making schemes. Our government bails them out to try and help us but instead they chose to make it more difficult.

It will never cease to amaze me that they were more willing to take the short sale than to work with me on my payments and help re-structure my loan. Even worse, they seem to be even more willing to take a foreclosure on the property instead of help with a short sale. As long as our government makes it more profitable for the banks to write off a foreclosure, people will continue to feel shafted.

It’s a sad state of affairs. The greed has run so rampant in this country. It’s pathetic. If there is one thing I hope we have learned from this Recession… it’s that we put way too much of an emphasis on consumerism and not enough on what is truly important.

I see it every day… parents take the children to dinner and the children play on their DS the whole time and the mom and dad just sit there in silence. We’ve basically taught our children that things are more important than people. I’ve read numerous articles about the power of family dinners. This was something my mother always made sure was a priority in my household and I am eternally grateful.

Should God bless me with a family I will certainly be sure to instill the values I deem so important but there is a bigger lesson here, folks. We need to get back to the way things were not but a hundred years ago… if you can’t afford something, don’t buy it. Credit used to be a bad thing. People would frown down upon the man who held a balance at the local general store.

I am certainly glad to be in something more manageable in my budget and as you well know, I’m already pretty cost-conscious. I haven’t had cable television for over 7 years now and each time I wish I had it I just go out to dinner with my friends and realize that I can chose to have TV or friendships. I don’t have manicured nails and I don’t have a car payment. I make choices to ensure that I’m not a burden on others and the release of this condo is one more step in the right direction.

Maybe in a few years, should my budget allow it, and I’ve built up enough of a savings account… I’ll consider owning property again. Until then I will be content where I am (Philippians 4:11-13). I will bloom where I am planted.

Thanks for listening to my rant/happy announcement. It’s definitely a bit all over the place (as I have been quite a bit lately). I really appreciate all the support of my family and friends (both near and far and via the interwebs)… without you I wouldn’t be near as able to look at the big picture and know that everything will be alright.