more thoughts about moving

So, I threw out my back. I have an old cheerleading injury in my hip and it throws off my L5 and then if I do anything too strenuous my whole back is out of wack. Throw in a couple of car accidents and the resulting whiplash and you have an easily injured person.


So, I thought I could handle it. You know, work through the pain. Take like 6 Advil at a time and it’ll get better, right? WRONG. So, after working a full day yesterday in constant pain I decided to go see my doc this morning.

He has me do some more x-rays because the last time was in 2006 and evidently I have a few degenerative disks that he wanted to be sure haven’t gotten worse, and, they haven’t. So he gives me an adjustment (I see a DO, not an MD, because they’re trained in more than just old school medicine) and gives me a prescription for darvocet and diazepam.

I’ve done the whole valium thing before so that’s old hat but I don’t remember ever taking a narcotic pain reliever. I was hoping he’d give me like prescription strength Advil or something. Anyway, that shit is crazy. I just got up from sleeping for 3 hours and I feel DRUNK. No me gusta. Not the good kind of drunk but the sick to your stomach room spinning kind. So, now I know that if I’m ever to take that again it needs to be at night and maybe even a half a pill. Good gracious.

Live and learn, eh?

So, I’m glad I was able to stay home and rest for a bit (because I certainly needed it) but I have to go to the lawyer’s tonight at 5:30 to sign the closing papers and hand over every cent in my checking account. And I’m worried that I’ll still feel this way.


Wish me luck folks… this should be interesting. Plus, I have so much more to do around here. I have so many boxes left to unpack. It’s rather overwhelming. Maybe in a couple weeks things will return to normal.

On a side note, I’m super happy to be rid of the condo. I’m super happy that chapter is over with because it’s been nothing but stress the last two years and Lord knows I can’t keep struggling like I was. This new place is super cute and cozy… though the stairs are kicking my ass (in a good way… it’s like a workout with out even trying).

Hope y’all are having a pretty good week so far. 🙂