thoughts on moving


This is totally not my favorite thing in the world… that’s for sure. I’m so over it already and it hasn’t even really started. I’m just grateful for the friends who are helping me, both with the actual packing, and just with getting me out of the house and keeping my sanity in tact.

When I first attempted to find my mailbox at my new place, my property manager was absolutely no help. I tried my key in every one (albeit not as strongly as I could have because I was afraid I was breaking the law and/or that I’d break the key) and nothing seemed to work.

I saw a nice little old lady walking by so I asked her what to do. She suggested that there might be more mailboxes in the back of the complex. I informed her that I had just checked there and hadn’t found any, so she said, “Well, let me get in and I’ll ride back there with you.” LOL. She hopped in, we drove to the back and, sure enough, there weren’t another set of mailboxes.

She was super nice and kept telling me that if there was ever anything I needed that she would be happy to let me borrow it, “Or you can just have it if you want.” TOO FUNNY. Then she proceeded to tell me about her herb garden out back and if I ever wanted, I could just come over and help myself and the scissors are on the shelves in the back porch. ADORABLE. So, I told her that I would stop by and see her once I get settled.

I called the post office and the nice mail-lady left me a note on my box so I would know which one it was and when I tried the key, it worked! I guess I didn’t try the key hard enough, but I’m glad that it works and I don’t have to pay to have it re-keyed. Good gracious.

This past weekend, however, I also encountered another bit of a nuisance. There was some truck parked in my numbered space so I left him a note asking him to please not park there. He moved. Later that evening when I came back from dinner with my parents he was there again. I didn’t stay there that evening otherwise I would have left another note for him to find in the morning and this time I wouldn’t have been so nice. This weekend I have movers coming and if he’s in my space I’m having him towed.

The movers come to get all the stuff from the condo on Saturday morning. My ex-stepmother is coming that same morning to get her bedroom furniture that I’ve had. Should be interesting. I have most things packed up but every time I think I’m pretty much finished I find more crap I need to go through. It takes me so much longer than it should because I’m trying to throw away crap and only keep the stuff I really need. It’s so hard for me to part with stuff. I don’t think that I’m a hoarder but I know that I have a deeper attachment with “stuff” than I should.

Also, I’ve been having really random dreams lately. I know it’s the stress of moving, etc. but it will certainly be nice to have a good night’s sleep once again. I’m looking forward to being settled in the new place. Mom sent up movers with some furniture this past Sunday and it’s already starting to come together. I’m looking forward to having an end of the summer housewarming party and, of course, my annual Christmas party which is on this year, NO MATTER WHAT!

Okay, I guess that’s all for now. I’ll try and post some pics of the new place once I get settled. Thanks so much for sticking by me through all my CRAP lately. I know I’ve been a bit distant and I really am going to make a better effort to communicate instead of shutting down.

Love y’all! God bless! 🙂