rambling thoughts…

I’m posting this picture because it makes me happy.

It was taken on Grand Turk right in front of the largest Margaritaville in the world. I really enjoyed that vacation I took with my family that November.

I love my family.

I’m wrestling with something… if you had to choose between conditioned air and indoor plumbing which would you choose? Of course, it probably depends on where you are living… Florida is death without a/c in the summer!

Listening to music that reminds me of my mommy (like right now I’m listening to Joni Mitchell singing Cactus Tree) makes me cry (and my mother is alive) I can’t imagine how sad I will be when she passes away one day.

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy… and so does the music of John Denver… but again it reminds me of my mommy. It’s no wonder I can’t live more than an hour away from her.

Break-ups are hard. Not because you think it’s hard to not have that person in your life anymore but because it’s another failure. I don’t deal well with failure… I’m a perfectionist.

It’s hard to force myself to remember that the only perfect human was Christ and I need to stop trying to obtain the unobtainable. I need to be happy where I am.

Bloom where planted, right?

I’m excited about my new townhouse. I pick up the keys after work on Thursday. I can’t wait to start “nesting” in my new home.

I sure hope the neighbors are quiet. Right now the lady upstairs from me does aerobics and it sounds like the ceiling is going to cave in. It will be so wonderful to not have anyone above me… just beside me. I think I can handle noise from beside me.

Green really truly is my favorite color. I love green grass and trees and plants. I love green eyeshadow and usually choose it each morning when doing my makeup. I also like to choose green clothing to wear… probably because I have green eyes.

I actually had a guy say to me, “You have the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen!” and I replied, “Thanks but they’re green.”

I really want to take a cruise this December. There is a 5 day leaving from Port Canaveral on Carnival that’s really well priced… I just need to find people to actually go with me. Come on… you know you wanna.

I really hope I’m blessed one day with the opportunity to have a family. It’s tough being in your 30s and seeing people married with children and wondering if you’ll be lucky enough to have that happen to you as well.

I think it’s really annoying that I have such awful digestive issues. I swear everything I eat makes my stomach hurt. No matter what. It’s so ridiculous because I know that it’s mostly stress but I suck at managing my stress.

I really should get back into yoga.

Can you believe that YMCA changed it’s name to The Y? Muy interesante.

I get to have lunch at Moe’s today.

There is a place in LA (a sushi house) and when people walk through the door they shout something in Japanese. I think it’s “hello welcome to our restaurant”, or something. What’s funny is when I went there with my sister I said it was like “Welcome to Moe’s!” and she laughed because she’d been thinking the same thing but no one understood because they don’t have Moe’s out there.

I have to find a new primary care physician. I don’t want to have to do that work to find someone, take a risk that they’re not an idiot, transfer all my paperwork, etc. This sucks.

Also, I forgot just how many deposits I’d have to make for things like electricity, etc. at this new place. Moving isn’t the most fun… but it’ll be great once I’m settled.

I get to have dinner with my good friend from High School, Karen, on Wednesday night. We’re eating at Salt Water Cowboys. I LOVE that place. Hands down one of my favorite restaurants, ever!

I got to spend Saturday night and Sunday with my sister, Ashley, who flew in from LA this past weekend. She’s at camp this week in Leesburg but I’ll get to see her again this upcoming weekend. It’s so hard having her so far away.

I had no idea how long this list of rambling thoughts would be. Hope I didn’t bore you to death. Be sure to comment on anything I’ve mentioned… or, if you’d rather, comment with your own rambling thoughts. I’d love to read what y’all have to say.

God bless you all! Hope you’re having a wonderful week! 🙂