Hey y’all … I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth … but I did hit a pretty big bump in the road.

Unfortunately things don’t always work out the way you’d like but in the end you realize that it’s for the best. I really thought I had found something special but now that it’s over (he ended it last Monday) I understand that I was making compromises that I shouldn’t have to make.

I want someone who shares my belief that there is a greater power out there governing all of us. I want someone who loves to ride bikes to the Lemon Bar but who also enjoys more than just sitting in a car-port all day drinking beer and watching TV while you sweat to death and bugs eat you alive. I want someone who wants to be with me so bad that they’re willing to do things like come to church with me or take me for a weekend getaway or play a game of cornhole at the beach.

So, it really was divine timing actually.

I recently got approved by BofA for the short-sale on my condo and have been looking for a place to live out at the beach. I had looked at a tiny one bedroom condo thinking that I probably wouldn’t be there a full year (because he had hinted around at plans for our future) and thought, well, it’s cheap and doable short-term. I really wouldn’t have been happy in that place and I’m glad that things ended when they did and I was able to really think about living long-term in a place and finding a place that will really make me happy.

I’m moving to a cute townhouse that has two bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs and kitchen, living, dining, and a half bath downstairs. It has a nice little screened-in porch on the back that opens to a canal in the back yard. I think I will be very happy there. Plus, it has enough space for me to put all my stuff and have a guest room. Even better, it’s over the ditch (over the intra-coastal on the beach side of town) and that makes me very happy.

I really have grown to know myself better these past few months and realized what I really want out of life and, most importantly, my life-partner. So, I’m alright.

Keep praying for me.

I’m definitely in a transition period and still trying to figure out which direction I want to go.

“Don’t worry … about a thing … ’cause every little thing … is gonna be alright.”