Sky Couch

Pretty much the coolest idea ever … the Sky Couch. Introduced by Air New Zealand, Sky Couch is basically a flip up portion that covers the leg room area to create a bed or couch like surface for you to lie down. My favorite comment in the WSJ article is, Mr. Fyfe said in a statement, “The dream is now a reality, one that you can even share with a travelling companion – just keep your clothes on.” LOL.

Seriously … I have no words. This is so awesome. Of course you have to purchase three seats together to get this function but still … awesome idea for sure! The plan eventually is that two adults would purchase two seats and the third seat at half-price. Hopefully this idea will catch on and more airlines will begin offering this option. Now, those flying in coach would be able to have some of the same luxuries as those in business class. How cool!?! What are your thoughts?