Chocolate??? Cheerios???

Oh. My. Goodness. I have no words.

I saw a commercial yesterday for Chocolate Cheerios. Yes, as if Cheerios could get any better than they already are. Of course, I know what you’re thinking … I’m super health conscious and don’t want to get the fats so I would never eat them, right? WRONG. For this, I’d make an exception.

I live my life by the code of “Eat This, Not That” and am proud to say I’ve pretty much maintained a healthy body shape however, these just are so awesome I can’t help myself but partake in a little chocolatey goodness.

What I do with the stuff that’s not so healthy, is that I only eat it on the weekends. So, like, Monday through Friday I’m all healthy and shit … eating my Kashi cereal and stuff like that and then on the weekends I’m all like, give me the pancakes, and donuts and crap!

Well, sometimes at least. I mean, to be perfectly honest, I skip breakfast a lot on the weekends so this lovely practice goes by the wayside.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah … go out and grab yourself some of these new Cheerios and while you’re at it … get me some. Oh, and also, make me these!

Please and thank you.