Say what?

“I wasn’t under the influence that financial aid was given out for only two semester”

Yes folks, this is an actual sentence from a student here at the University and of course I have to comment on this.

First, you can’t be under the influence of Financial Aid. You can easily not be aware of the rules but cannot be under the influence of them.

Second, two is more than one, therefore semester should be plural, semesters. This is something we learned in like 2nd grade.

Third, this was part of a much larger email that was incredibly condescending. It’s not cool to write a condescending note to an office when you’re at fault buddy, it really doesn’t make us want to help you. Rather, it makes us want to delete your email and claim that we’d never rec’d it.

However, because we’re awesome, we will respond to this student (and nicely I may add) overlooking the grammatical errors as best we can.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming…


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