Old school

Today I’m sharing with you some old school videos from Sesame Street because I feel like it. These are my favorites and I can watch them over and over so I hope you love them as well. Here, from 1987, we have Kermit the Frog and Ladysmith Black Mambazo performing an amazing song by Joe Raposo.

Excites the
Glade, In my
Heart how
I do
Jump like the
Listening to the
Music, so
Nice the
Rests the
Under the
Vine tree at the
Water’s side, and
X marks the place ‘neath the
Yellow moon where the
Zulu chief and I did hide.

God I miss Jim Henson. What an amazing man. Kermit is my favorite Muppet, although I think when I was much younger I was a big fan of Ernie. My little sister, Ashley, used to call them Bernie and Eert instead of Ernie and Bert … adorable! Another fun thing about Sesame Street is that their main characters would often sing. I loved hearing Bob, Gordon, Maria, etc. sing on their own and along with the Muppets. It really felt like they were singing only to me.

And my favorite probably of all time …

As a child I had the Sesame Street Sings record that had such classics as “Sing” and when Grover sang “Near and Far” as well as the disco version of the “A, B, Cs”. So classic! My mother even purchased the Best of Ernie for me and I listened to it over and over. Especially “Up Goes the Castle” and “Imagination”. Though I think that my favorite song sung entirely by a Muppet character would have to be “C is for Cookie” primarily because my mother used to alter the words and sing, “C is for Caron … that’s good enough for me.” Which, of course as a child, is probably the coolest thing ever to have a song about yourself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all music I’ve been throwing at you lately. I don’t know why I’ve been on this youtube kick but I’m feeling nostalgic and I’ve felt like sharing. Finally, I leave you with a more modern song which some say was the beginning of the end of Sesame Street as we know it. With the introduction of Elmo and the stepping aside of some key players in the production of the show, Sesame Street started to become so much more “politically correct” and address so many issues some parents feel is above the heads of these young children and almost too much. I kind of agree. I realize that Sesame Street, like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, were developed to reach the latch-key children with no real form of parental guidance but I think in some ways they’ve tried to do to much. Anyway, decide for yourself, and here’s “Elmo’s Song”.

Just as an added bonus … as suggested by Jeni … here is the Pinball version of Twelve. I’ve also included the Ladybug’s Twelve and Ten Tiny Turtles since they were my little sisters favorites.

And, finally, because I can’t stop myself … I’m adding Grover dancing disco to the ABC’s because as a child that was my favorite version!


4 thoughts on “Old school

  1. Get my smelling salts! The nostalgia is making me woozy! 🙂

    Love it. But what about the 123456789 10 11 12! song? I still sing it in my head when I hear my kids counting, and that’s from over 30 years ago.


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