Tucker Bayou

I’m in love.

I’m in love with another Idea House.

I know, I know. This happens often. What can I say? If something awesome comes my way it’s hard for me to not fall in love and this house is no exception!

Goodness gracious could I make this my own! I’ve already transferred the floorplan to graph paper and have been playing around with it. Tucker Bayou was built in the Florida Panhandle area and is definitely “Florida Cracker” style. I love the wide expanse of porches and the tin roof.


Here is the view into the house from the foyer. They’ve taken the long wall and made a gallery of photographs all tied together in the same frames and in a solid pattern so that you pay more attention to the photographs within instead of the design on the wall.

Here you can see how the family room, dining room, and kitchen all flow seamlessly from one to another. I love the idea of a big great room overlooking the backyard and they’ve managed to use design elements such as the columns and coffered ceiling to create a room within a room.

Look at this kitchen … how cool is that range and hood? I love how they extend the glass tile all the way up to the ceiling.

Some additional views of the porch and the yard toward the detached garage … very Florida!

Here is a great idea for a master bedroom. They’ve taken one wall and covered it with bookshelves to create a nook for the bed with plenty room for storage and art … much better than a giant blank wall.

And here is the master bath with the double shower. Absolutely gorgeous … I want one just like it!

What a cool guest bedroom! I love the study alcove. Someone can easily be on the computer while the other person is sleeping soundly.

Finally, how cute is this bunk room? I love how they’ve made the bunk beds built ins. So cool! I’d want to stay here as an adult … I can’t imagine how cool it would be as a child!

Here is the link to Haven Custom Homes. They are the manufacturers of this home which is modular … can you believe it!?! It is yours to purchase and have shipped to your lot. So cool! I would never have imagined this house being something pre-fabricated but it is … and fully customizable! Here, also, is a link to the Southern Living website for this Idea House featured in 2007 and the link to the video. Enjoy and have a great weekend y’all! 🙂


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