Tea Partay

So, I don’t know if y’all follow Amanda over at Martinis or Diaper-Genies but she’s hilarious! Recently she “made fun of” preppy Lilly Pulitzer people (read this) and unfortunately received a ton of backlash for the comments made.

I, personally, understood that she was just having fun and wasn’t at all serious (though maybe kinda). I laughed my ass off reading her post because I see those type of girls all the time with no clue about how the world works or how to do anything for themselves except match pink with green. Especially here at the college.

So, anyway, someone sent her the link to this video (which I’d never seen) and seriously folks … I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. It is hilarious. So, I’m sharing it with you today. Enjoy!

P.S. Hope you had a great weekend y’all! Here’s to a brand new week and here’s to hoping this cold goes a way quickly seeing as it’s my third this winter! 🙂