Orange Sweet Rolls


Welcome to another edition of Things I Like. Today I’m sharing with you my love of Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls. In my family, we would make these on a Saturday morning and fight each other over the last one. Of course, lots of families make the cinnamon ones and that’s perfectly fine but in my family … we like the orange ones. YUMMY.

I actually prefer the Pillsbury rolls over homemade, believe it or not. In fact, most of what my family likes is store-bought. Name brands only here people. It reminds me of that episode of Mad About You where Jamie and Paul are preparing for a visit by Jamie’s mom and they go to the store to load up on stuff that her mom likes and all of it is the name brand store-bought kind … nothing home-made. Not that there’s anything wrong with home-made. I love things that aren’t store-bought but I guess I just feel nostalgic when I make things like these sweet rolls. 🙂