Early In The Morning

I have a weird obsession with music that reminds me of my mommy … groups like Peter Paul and Mary and songs like “Early in the Morning” will probably rip my heart out when I hear them and my mother is no longer on this Earth. Seriously. Music that reminds me of my dad, or friends, or whomever will just never touch me the way this music does.

I will never forget the time I found my mother’s 12 string and begged her to play. The only songs she could remember were “Puff the Magic Dragon“, “Blowin in the Wind“, “If I had a Hammer“, and “Lemon Tree“. I remember sitting there mesmerized by her voice and watching her as she drifted away to another time. She looked so happy playing those songs for me.

Last night I was watching an episode of Mad Men and at the end of the episode they played “Early in the Morning”. I immediately thought of my mommy and smiled. I still credit her with teaching me the actual lyrics to “Good Morning Starshine” from the musical Hair (though my favorite version is when Bob from Sesame Street sings it). I still think it’s fun to sing along with the real words and watch my friends in amazement because no one knows them!

So, today, in honor of my mother’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!) I’m sharing with you a few Peter Paul and Mary videos. If you’re like me … and your mommy was a sweet little hippie girl … you will sing along and think of your mommy and smile. Enjoy! 🙂

Early In The Morning

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Puff The Magic Dragon

If I Had A Hammer

For Loving Me

If I Had MyWay