Free Is Not Easy

Actual email from a student:

“Your process became too difficult to register.  I went through the process to  get a waiver to take some classes in the College of Business; however, I still could not register on-line.  I was not about to pay $3 parking and gas to make another visit on campus to register.  I’ll try again in a few years which you fix some programing errors in your registeration process. Free is not easy.”

I left the wording and spelling intact. Please note that this person did not call us or ask questions or anything prior to the email received indicating that the admission had been cancelled for the spring. We have absolutely no documentation on file that he ever tried to receive help from us regarding his “issues”.

I tell ya folks … people just want everything done for them and for us to psychically know what they need and then seek them out to give them the information. This job never ceases to amaze me.