Hey y’all … sorry I’m a little absent right now. My mother’s mother is in the hospital while they try to figure out why she isn’t getting enough oxygen to her heart and where the internal bleeding she has is coming from.

Grandma Joan has so far had a nitroglycerin pump on her heart, she’s had stress tests, she’s been given blood transfusions to see if maybe the anemia is the main problem, she’s had an endoscopy to see about the erosion in her esophagus (which isn’t evidently what’s causing the bleeding but they took a sample anyway), she now has a camera (that’s in the shape of a small pill) traveling through her system to take pictures so the doctors can see if the bleeding is further down her digestive track.

If all goes well they plan on doing a cardiac catheterization tomorrow to see how the blood is flowing to the heart and then to decide if she will need open heart surgery. She’s at Mayo Hospital so I know she’s in good hands and I’ve visited her often (at least through today).

Tonight I head down to South West Florida to visit my other grandparents. My grandpa turns 80 on Sunday so I had already planned on visiting before all this happened. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. I’ll keep you posted as I find out more information and thank you for your patience with me as I’m absent from the blogging world for a bit.

God bless. 🙂