confession time … attitude

I’m extremely peeved by the attitudes I encounter on a daily basis. I’m sorry you think we should be psychic and know what you want without you having to tell us.

I’m sorry you didn’t read the bold lettered options that said to send out your transcript once the degree was posted but instead just assumed that it was already on your account even though you didn’t receive any notification from us to indicate this was so. I’m sorry that you feel it’s an inconvenience to order another transcript and that you choose to move to another state without notifying us of your new address so we can make sure your diploma and transcripts make it to the correct location. I really am.

I really don’t understand the attitude that is so widespread right now. When I was a child I remember my mother saying quite clearly that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. It is best to enter into a conversation with a friendly tone and if necessary and things are escalating then you can take a more aggressive tone.

I actually saw an email that a student sent in to us that said, “Am I admitted or what!?!” I couldn’t believe it! The audacity! Didn’t she understand that you want to be kind to the people who could determine if you’re admitted to their college or not? This does not just pertain to the students I speak with on a daily basis, but for the employees here, the lady taking my order at the drive through, and the person in the checkout line at Target as well.

I understand that we all have bad days. I am just as guilty of the next person for taking out my frustrations on innocent passers by but as a rule I try very hard to keep positivity flowing outward and to not subject anyone to my issues.

I found this statement by Charles Swindoll and I thought you would enjoy reading it: