A lack of options?

OMG. Look at that jacket … was “winning the lottery” and “finding a sugar momma” too high of a bar to set for yourself? I love People of Walmart because it just emphasizes why I don’t go in to that place, but this right here wasn’t disgusting or anything but just SAD. SAD. SAD.

Please tell me why this is still the pervading philosophy amongst so many people, even in this modern world we live in?And don’t tell me that it’s lack of education because I have students at my college who still have this mentality despite not only getting accepted to college but also receiving full financial aid.

There is this thought process so many younger people have where they think that education is not important. I’m not just talking about those from the “ghetto” but average middle class citizens. I hear people all the time talk about what sport they’re going to go professional in or how they’re going to “make it big” … well not everyone who plays high school ball gets into college and not all who play college ball get into the pros. The only sure thing you can trust in is yourself and your education in order to succeed.

I know quite a few people who have risen from “the ghetto” or from poor migrant status or poor farmer or physical and emotional abuse, etc. who have made a wonderful life for themselves that does not include selling drugs. What happened to good old fashioned hard work? It is not the easiest to bring yourself up from the very bottom but it is possible.

I do not believe that if you are “disadvantaged” then that is all there is for you … I know too many success stories. But you know what all those people had in common? They all had DRIVE. They all had a WILL to survive. They wouldn’t let their situation define them. They believed they could overcome against all odds. I truly believe that if you think you can … you will. So, no excuses people. No excuses for prostitution or drugs or a general apathy about life in general.

Make smart choices. Don’t have cable TV, don’t get your nails done, don’t buy the new car, don’t buy the new cell phone or the X-Box 360 unless you have extra cash lying around. If I can do it, so can you.

Okay, I’m down off my soap-box now … but for reals y’all … I have lived without cable television for 7 years now and haven’t been worse for the wear. 😉

So what are your thoughts???