How do you spell that?

Listen up folks.

If you name your child something unusual … DO NOT get all huffy and puffy when I ask you to spell it.

When we’re asking for the spelling of the name, it is a common thing to do and is in no way meant to call you out or treat you special as though you have no right being unique (although the whole unique name really pisses me off but whatever).

So, please DO NOT make loud sighing noises in my ear when I ask for the spelling when you say your daughter’s name is Rickayla. For reals!

Nancy’s Baby Names wrote a fabulous post on this very thing and I encourage you to check it out! Click here for “That Baby Name Might Be A Bad Baby Name If…” I also love reading Appellation Mountain as she posts interesting names and their meanings, etc.

P.S. since we’re on that subject. Check out these other beauties that have come across my desk. I tried very hard to make sure that they were all “American” names (please keep in mind these are all girls and no, I’m not making them up) …

We have: Arel, Ajanai, Anjella, Anizza, Anatricia, Angellee, and Anjela. Brecken and Bryanna. Chastaney, Chinnery, and Christal. Danika, Danetta, Darianne, Daetrina, Dishawn, and Dushawn. Eherin, Hentoya, Joshlyn, Jenalyn and Juvonya.

Then: Kayontay, Khristian, Kenteria, Katelind, Karlyne, Kimicia, and Kamisue. Leidy Dayana, Lashantah, Lindie, Linane, Lyvette, Latroya, and Latory. Milbrey, Mallorye, Mishell, Myesha, Micolette, Nyckolette, and Nallison.

As well as: Qiana, Quarcena, Raynita, Rasheedah, Rodneshia, and Recara. Shakayla, Shabreene, Shelina, Sandrea, Sherica, Shawanna, Shawandie, Shatraya, and Shanlatae. Tondricka, Tranette, Tiera, Tabresha, Taurean, Ugonna and Umekie.

And finally we have those with punctuation or random capitalization in them: D’Ashley, Ke’Tera, Ka’Trina, Kir’Ston, Mi’Kelle, La’Chele, CorAndrea, DeeAnne, LeChae, La-Keisha and Kryssie-Dee.


3 thoughts on “How do you spell that?

  1. My Mom registered someone at her clinic named La-A… My mom had to ask if it was pronounced LAH and she was promptly told that the “-” (DASH) was NOT silent. Therefore, this person’s name was pronounced Ladasha… You know how sweet my mom is, but I think I would have had to laugh.

    1. Yep. I’ve heard of La-a before. Crazy. People are strange when it comes to names. Of course, no matter how strange the name I don’t really have a problem with it unless it’s an unusual spelling of a normal name (like some of the ones I listed above). Then, I’m just like, that’s ridiculous.

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