Big booty?

Evidently someone searched the phrase “big” and was referred to my page. This is very interesting to me for two reasons: First, yes, I do have a big booty. Second, and more important, when did I happen to reference said booty on this site? Muy interesante!

Oh wait … I figured it out. Evidently the phrase is mentioned in my post “Five Fresh Gold Chains” … makes sense now.

Still, I think it’s quite interesting to see how people are referred to my website. I allow myself to come up in searches through sites like Google so it’s no wonder that I’m going to have some weird ones.

The top three phrases of all time are: “door knobs”, “front porches”, and actually the term “porch” as well.


That’s sad in a way. Couldn’t I be known for something better? I mean, I’m flattered that I’ve written such great posts on porches and door knobs  and such, but all the rest of the top posts all have to with something home related: beautiful entryways, wingback chairs, etc.

Oh well. At least I have visitors … and I love each and every one of you! Yes, you! I love you, too!

I have to be completely honest though for just a quick moment as I’m super excited about something I found whilst browsing my blog stats. Are you ready for it? Okay … the #5 top searched term that led viewers to my site is …

wait for it …




wait. for. it.





Yes, folks, you can tell that Journey is mentioned frequently enough on my blog to have so many people click on my site through the various search engines by searching for the term “journey”. Yes, probably some of those searchers were not actually looking for information about the band and could have probably been needing much more information than I have provided, but still, it’s exciting nonetheless!

All the rest of the search terms are pretty legit and I have to say that by far my favorite search phrase has got to be about the booty because, let’s face it folks, I do have a pretty nice one! 😉