resolutions you might actually keep

Okay, yes, I know this is an astrology article. Yes, I know that most of that stuff is pretty hokey. Yes, I’m posting it anyway, you know why? It’s my blog and I can do what ever I want to … LOL.

So, I came across this yesterday while browsing the interwebs and thought it was quite interesting. Enjoy! 🙂

New Year’s resolutions for each Zodiac Sign:

With both powerful Jupiter and Uranus in your sign this year, the challenge is to keep your martial energies sharp! Make a resolution to do at least one thing a month that scares you. It could be mountain climbing, singing karaoke, riding a roller coaster, or telling your boss what you really think. At the end of the year you feel better about your ability to cope with any stress, roadblock, or fearful situation life throws at you.

“Keep it simple” is your resolution for the year. What can you do to make your life less complicated? Small changes you can live with are best. Because you are a person who likes regular habits, it is good to schedule things you find relaxing and enjoyable. Start by cleaning out clutter and giving away what you no longer use. Devote time to a hobby you truly enjoy such as gardening, woodworking, or making quilts.

Gemini needs a two-part resolution: resolve to practice being a better listener and also avoid the temptation to gossip. The best kind of life for you includes a ton of social contacts, a bit of general chaos, and occasional breaks with the regular routine. Do all of this listening to what other people are really saying. A respectful and alert interest in others can be a powerful gift to them and a source of transformation for you.

It is easy to be so busy taking care of others that you ignore the things that help make life richer and more enjoyable for you. Make a resolution to do at least two nice things just for yourself each day. This could be a quiet cup of tea, a moment spent enjoying a sunset, taking a bubble bath, or playing with pets. Putting yourself first makes it easier to face the world with confidence and peace of mind.

What things bring out your creativity and joy? Make a resolution to share your interests with others. It could be joining a theater group, showing off your art work, starting a blog, or polishing your personal fashion style. Even if you feel hesitant, you need to give yourself to the world. Not appreciated? Then find a better audience! Positive feedback helps you feel more balanced and lets you enjoy a well-deserved sense of being special.

Here is a powerful resolution that can seem difficult at first: resolve to change any conversation in your mind that says you are not measuring up or not being good enough. Take a deep breath and remember that perfection is an unreachable destination, and not reaching it is not an excuse to beat yourself up. A critical thought is only a thought. Do not make it who you are! You are always doing a better job than you realize.

Resolve this year to do what you can to bring a greater sense of peace, harmony, and beauty in your community. You can be a powerful voice for anything that builds a better sense of community, tolerance, and justice. This resolution will sometimes demand taking a stand. Even if you are busy, your charm and diplomatic manner support finding a middle ground in a world that often forgets we all share one planet.

Resolve this year to spend more time with your friends. Scorpio is naturally feisty and can at times be more focused on the dark side of life. A resolution works only when you are very specific about what you intend to do. Get out your calendar and make a plan to get together with your favorite people at least once a week. Their feedback will help you be your best.

Expansive Sagittarian energy demands both freedom and adventures. Even if you are experiencing tight financial times, resolve this year to do at least one very exciting thing each month. It could be hiking in the national parks, leading a children’s sports team, or campaigning for your favorite cause – anything that pushes your limits and expands your horizons will do. The more people you meet, the better you will feel.

Resolve this year to make a commitment to any big plan or project. When you throw yourself whole-heartedly into a major challenge you can be both your best self and often make a huge difference in your community. This could be a personal challenge such as learning a new skill or developing a business plan. It could be a shared challenge such as getting married or volunteering to help those less able. For some, this resolution will transform your life!

Resolve this year to follow your own unique interests and share them with others. This must be something you regularly do, in addition to the normal structure of home, work, and family. It could be joining a motorcycle club, building a tree house, inventing a new diet and exercise plan – anything will do. It just has to be right for you. When you freely express your unique perspective, it encourages others to do the same.

Resolve this year to develop a spiritual discipline. You are so sensitive to the world around you that without a calm center, it can be very stressful to cope with the challenges and stresses of everyday life. Meditation, playing music, prayer, or writing poetry can all help calm and center your inner spirit. For more physical challenges, learn yoga or tai chi. Put whatever activity you choose on your calendar and don’t forget to practice!

*information found on MSN Astrology