confession time …the hummer

You know what? I hum. That’s right. I hum. Randomly. I’m a hummer. What’d you think this post was going to be about? Not that! You sick, sick minded people. 😉

Sometimes it’s made up, sometimes it’s an actual song, and sometimes it starts out as a song but morphs into my own creation.

I do this a lot folks. I probably annoy people. I really don’t know. I mean, sometimes people will ask what I’m humming but mostly people just ignore me and mostly I’m humming when I’m by myself.

Maybe I don’t like the sound of silence. Maybe I just CAN’T SHUT UP (that’s my mom’s explanation). When I was little my mother said I never stopped babbling.

Like this little girl right here:

Yeah, pretty much exactly like that.

When my ex-step-mother (that’s a whole other story right there) met me for the first time and then I left to go home she asked my dad, “Does that girl ever stop talking?”

So, yeah, maybe that’s it.