Back to life Back to reality

Welcome to another Music Monday. Today I’m sharing with you “Back to Life (however do you want me)” by Soul II Soul. All weekend long I’ve been thinking about how I have to go back to reality Monday morning. I’ve been off work since December 18th and it’s been WONDERFUL. I’ve loved spending time with my family and relaxing. Though I can easily see how too much of this is not a good thing since I’ve gained almost 10 lbs over the holidays. YUCK.

So, I’m back to life … back to reality. It’ll be good though with plenty to do to keep me busy. It’ll be nice to not have too much time to focus on the negative and instead only be able to really focus on the positive. I started the 90 Days devotional and it’s good so far. It’s definitely helping to keep things in perspective. It’s amazing how blessed our lives really are and how easy it is to look over all of it. I’m blessed to be struggling financially because it means that I have the money with which to struggle, right? Or something like that. HAHA 😉

Anyway, back to life, right!?! Hope y’all have a great start to a great week!