The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody


Oh. My. God. How fantastic is this video!?! Please watch…

I laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

For one, I seriously love The Muppets, for real, yo. Second, I love them even more this time of year because I’m repeating the John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together over and over until everyone around me wants to take it away. Third, and most important, they never forget the legacy that Jim Henson left behind and continually remain relevant in a wholesome way. I love that they took this song and didn’t necessarily re-write it but left out parts or mixed a word, etc. so that it would be more kid-friendly. Seriously. These people are geniuses.


2 thoughts on “The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

  1. That was fantastic! Seriously, Queen *and* the Muppets? How could that not be amazing? I’m posting it to Facebook. I was looking forward to showing it to Josh, but he came up in the middle of it and said, “Oh, I’ve seen this one before.” Stinker.

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