Personal Color Profile

Mornin y’all! I was browsing Julia’s site and she posted about something that I just had to share! She found a personal color profile quiz online that’s super cool. You take a short quiz and then it describes you using a color palate. So cool! Go on and check it out over at Pratt & Lambert Paints! Posted below is my interior color personality. Please don’t forget to share with me yours …

Your Personal Color Profile

13-10 Indian Buff
25-14 Monsoon
13-11 Golden Burma
16-9 Spark of Youth
7-16 Red Orange
12-15 Deluxe
20-22 Fern Lane
14-9 Golden Glimmer
8-15 Orange Berry
18-11 Herbal Garden
14-16 Yellow Strength
9-13 Gold Maize
These colors have all the elements of energy, friendliness and ease. They create a warm and cozy environment. The person who chooses this palette is generous and wants their home to be welcoming and friendly. Comfortable and casual furnishing reflect their desire to entertain and spend more time at home with their family and friends.

4 thoughts on “Personal Color Profile

  1. The first time I took the quiz, I got “Pretty” with lots of pinks and pastels. So not me! I think it’s because I chose the wildflower in accents. I went back and changed it and got sun-kissed which is much more the palette I would prefer, though maybe a little more subdued even.

    1. Yeah … I have to confess that I went back and changed an answer I was toying with to something different to see and it turned out I didn’t like the result so I stuck with sun-kissed as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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