Are you sure you have the right number?

Another transcript of an actual conversation with a caller to our office. It’s like people don’t even pay attention when looking up numbers online or when they call 411 the people answering the phone aren’t smart enough to realize what the person is looking for. It’s crazy … but always makes for an interesting day at work, right?



Caller:   Are y’all Veteran’s Affairs?

Me:        Yes, we handle Veteran’s Affairs for the University.

Caller:   Do you know if you have to co-pay if you go to the hospital?

Me:        I’m sorry, what is your question again?

Caller:   Do you know if they charge a co-pay at the doctor? Because my brother-in-law is a veteran and he don’t have to pay nothing when he goes to the hospital.

Me:        I’m sorry this office only deals with veterans as it relates to the GI Bill. Unfortunately you will need to call their 1-800 number to ask that question.

Caller:   So you don’t know if there is a co-pay?

Me:        No. I’m sorry.

Caller:   Do you have that 1-800 number?

Me:        Sure, let me find it for you online.