So, tell me what this means …

Why can’t things be easy? Seriously!?! Even in my dreams, it’s a struggle. Last night I had a strange dream and unfortunately the theme is recurring. I have to steal a vehicle I’ve never driven before and is either too small or too large or stick-shift or something making it extremely difficult for me. Usually when I steal the vehicle the keys are in it or I have the keys so I’m not hot-wiring it or anything … just driving away.

Last night, for example, I had to steal a truck and it was a big red old Ford and it had a bunch of junk in the back. I’m driving fast (usually down deserted roads at night) and for some reason in this dream I have to stop and run inside some place like a general store. Only, last night, when I tried to go inside I saw this shifty character eye the stuff in the bed of the truck and when I was walking up the steps to go inside (the entrance was on the second story for some reason) he made way for the bed and I had to race back down the steps and confront him. He played it off and walked away.

What I don’t get, especially in this dream, is why I am stealing the vehicle and then protecting what’s inside? Why would I care about the stuff if it’s not mine? And then again, where the hell am I going? I never get to my destination. I am just driving as fast as I can to get away. Usually there is some sort of struggle involved. Usually it’s at night. Sometimes I even switch cars and steal a different one. Sometimes I’m not in a car but running through a neighborhood and breaking into empty houses trying to hide or hiding and running around the exterior. I’m always trying to run from something. Over and over again.

I don’t get it. I’ve read all the dream sites and books and have tried to analyze my life but I can’t seem to make the dreams stop. And it’s exhausting. It really wears me out, as if I really have been doing these things all night and haven’t gotten any sleep. SO, tell me what this means … and how I can make it stop. After years and years and years of this I’m really over it. Thanks!


P.S. TGIF! Hope y’all have a great weekend! 🙂