Attention shoppers … Here comes the bride!


No way… No freakin way… I have no words.




Welcome to Walmart wedding

By Kate Burke
World-Herald News Service

Enlarged photo

Katie Burke/World-Herald News Service

YORK, Neb. — The bride wore dark lavender, the groom black jeans.

Flowers were everywhere.

The York Walmart Supercenter hosted its first wedding Saturday when Crystal Newsome and Robert “Vick” Vickrey exchanged vows amid hanging baskets and seasonal foliage in the lawn and garden department.

“We had our first kiss at Walmart,” Crystal recalled.

Robert has been with Walmart for 12 years and is the grocery department manager. With five years behind her at the company, Crystal is the deli manager. Friendship blossomed into romance about two years ago.

Robert has three grown children and four grandchildren. Crystal has four children. Her oldest son, 6-year-old Keagan, walked her down the “aisle,” a white runner. The entire blended family was part of the wedding while Walmart employees gathered with more friends to hear Crystal and Robert exchange their vows.

“We put an invitation up near the time clock for a while,” Crystal said.

She laughed at her co-workers’ reactions: “Are you kidding? Why would you want to be here on your day off?”

“We both work here, we met here, it all started here, why not?” Robert said of his Walmart wedding.

They make no secret about why they wanted to become one.

“He’s fun,” Crystal said, a touch of laughter in her voice as she talked about Robert. “His personality is wonderful. He can make me laugh when I’m not in the mood to laugh.”

Robert’s voice softens when he talks of Crystal.

“I love everything about her. She is an absolutely wonderful woman. She makes me smile. She’s put the joy of life back in me.”


3 thoughts on “Attention shoppers … Here comes the bride!

  1. The garden center will now carry a whole new meaning for me.

    “We had our first kiss at Walmart,” Crystal recalled.

    Let’s just hope that was their only “first” at Walmart – they seem to like it there.

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