The Strong Life Test for Women

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I found this in an article on MSN and it was so interesting that I had to share! For me, this quiz was dead on. My lead role is that of Advisor and my secondary role is that of Teacher. I’m very into self discovery and already know that I am an ENFJ (with Myers-Briggs) and that I’m Concrete Random (with the Gregorc Style Deliniator). I love learning more about why I think the way I do … I encourage you to take the test above and to take the tests for the other type indicators (the PersonalityPage website has the best in-depth analysis for the MBTI but the quiz is $5). Plus, I’d love to have you post here what you are so I can learn more about you! 🙂


P.S. even if you’re not female and you don’t take the test above please take the other tests available online and let me know your type! Don’t shy away just because you see women in the title!


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