I can had dat?

You may or may not know … the saying above relates to a hilarious camp story. Yes, a camp story. More specifically a Christian Summer Camp story.


Basically, a young ghetto child at the summer camp where my sister worked would constantly say, “I can had dat?” for everything!


“I can had dat pizza?” “I can had dat crayon?” “I can had dat football?” … yeah … so, that became the quote of the summer, “I can had dat ..?”


Every time something is silly or ridiculous or I feel might need a special flare needs an “I can had dat” attached to it and today is no exception. Perusing MSN I came across a small note about a diamond that peaked my interest.



500-carat diamond found at S. African mine

Chicken-egg-sized stone may be among world’s top 20 high-quality gems



That’s right folks … you read that correctly … 500 CARATS! Holy crap. That’s a whole lot of diamond! “I can had dat?” No seriously … someone needs to buy me this 😉



JOHANNESBURG – Petra Diamonds Ltd. says a diamond the size of a chicken egg has been found at South Africa’s Cullinan mine. The diamond may be among the world’s top 20 high-quality gems. It was discovered Thursday at the mine northeast of Pretoria, South Africa. Johan Dippenaar, the company’s chief executive said in a statement Tuesday that the 507.55-carat gem was of “exceptional color and clarity.”

No value has been given yet for the diamond, which weighs just over 100 grams. The mine also produced the largest diamond ever found, the Cullinan, at 3,106 carats in the rough. That finished stone is set in Britain’s Imperial Scepter as part of the Crown Jewels.

Image: 507 carat diamond

Petra Diamonds Chief Executive Johan Dippenaar holds a white diamond weighing 507.55 carats, which was excavated at the historic Cullinan mine in South Africa on Sept. 24, 2009.
Now, I know that none of my readers, family, friends, etc. would ever be able to afford such a thing … but HOLY CRAP it’s HUGE! It doesn’t even look real! I mean, for all we know it could be cubic zirconia … HAHA. Anyway, I couldn’t help but share this story … and if any of you has the opportunity to own such a thing please feel free to send some of it my way! 😉