Whoa! (as Joey would say on Blossom)

First, if you’ve never seen Blossom, or more importantly, if you’ve never heard Joey say, “whoa” on Blossom I highly encourage you to look it up. It’ll get stuck in your head like it has mine for the past, well, almost 20 years. It’s so well recognized that they used the phrase for an Ice Breakers Gum commercial (see below).

But the real reason I am saying, “whoa!” is because of what my friend, Amanda, and I discovered last night at Dillard’s. We were in the 70% off clearance section because, let’s face it folks, I’m poor. I shouldn’t have even been looking there but whatever.

So, she spots these crazy black strappy pumps with “jewels” on them and thinks, hmmmm, those are interesting I should try them on! Of course they were not really her style but she wanted to see the cost. Keep in mind that I was illegally taking pictures and since I was in a rush so they’re blurry.


Pretty, right? Well, once we turned them over we couldn’t help but exclaiming, “WHOA!” These beauties were in the 70% off rack so they were already discounted (at Dillard’s, remember, not at Needless Markup aka Neiman Marcus).


That’s right, folks, what you’re blurrily seeing is correct. Those shoes with the fake jewels were $330 (at 70% off!). Upon closer inspection we realized that they were originally priced at $1100 (one thousand one hundred dollars!). Okay, if we were somewhere else, maybe. If we were in NYC, or Atlanta, or West Palm, or even Orlando. But here? Really? No wonder they were on the clearance rack!

Okay, that’s my big story for the weekend. I know, I lead such an exciting life … hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!