Hooked on … A Rocket Experience

TGIF! Once again I’m participating in Julia‘s Friday Blog Party. As you know, I love her site and I love being involved in her parties so today I’m joining in!

Okay y’all … raise your hand if you know that Buzz Aldrin shot a music video. Raise your other hand if you know that Snoop Dogg directed said video. Okay. So, since there are like two of you with your hands up I’m posting it for your viewing pleasure.

Seriously folks, it’s freakin hilarious! It was designed in all seriousness to raise awareness among the youth of today about NASA and the space exploration program. But, really, I feel like maybe it was created just for me so I could laugh over and over and constantly update my Twitter status to read, “all you need is the rocket experience” and annoy the heck out of my friends. Yeah, that’s exactly why. Enjoy!

And because I like you t…h…i…s… much I’m including the “making of” behind the scenes video as well. YAY!

Don’t forget to head on over to the party to check out what everyone else is hooked on!


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