Mapping The 7 Deadly Sins

Wired Magazine recently posted an article about the 7 Deadly Sins in America and had some pretty cool graphics I wanted to share with you. “A team at Kansas State just served up a feast: maps of sin created by plotting per-capita stats on things like theft (envy) and STDs (lust). Christian clergy, likely noting the Bible Belt’s status as Wrath Central, question the “science.” Valid point—or maybe it’s just the pride talking.”


First up, Greed. This map below shows average income compared with number of people living below the poverty line.


Next, we have Envy. The map below shows total thefts (robbery, burglary, larceny, and grand theft auto) per capita.


Then, we have Wrath. This map pictured below shows the number of violent crimes (murder, assault, and rape) per capita.


Next up, Sloth. The map below shows expenditures on art, entertainment, and recreation compared with employment.


Now, you have Gluttony pictured below. This map shows the number of fast-food restaurants per capita.


Lust, of course, is next. This map below shows the number of STD cases reported per capita.


And, finally, we have Pride. The map below shows the aggregate of the other six offenses—because pride is the root of all sin.


Kansas State University Geography/USACE

Now, tell me your thoughts, folks. How does this report make you feel? I, for one, am in shock that so many of the sins are deadliest here in Florida. You’d think that the “bible belt” would be a little more saintly. Of course, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the mid-west is perhaps the saintliest. I’m not at all shocked by the maps for certain areas, especially greed. Overall, I hope that this project raises awareness about the issue. Anything can help right now, right!?!


One thought on “Mapping The 7 Deadly Sins

  1. Those statistics don’t really surprise me except I would like to know what the heck is going on in southeastern Kansas! It looks like most of Kansas’ sinfulness is centered around Coffeyville, Fort Scott, Independence, Emporia, and Topeka. Now, had it been more around Wichita and Kansas City, I’d believe it. Topeka is a small capitol city, but anywhere politicians gather there is bound to be sin. Fort Scott has a military base and Emporia has a small college. Even with some allowance for that, it just doesn’t add up. The rest of the area is small towns and rural.

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