Written Sarcasm

Welcome to another episode of Things I Like. I am always astounded how people in the South cannot comprehend my sarcasm. It’s extremely frustrating and what makes it even worse is when the sarcasm is in written form. I’ve had to place the stupid smiley face after sentences, etc. but no longer because this here, well, this is fantastic! Shared from Tales of the Electric Monk

Written sarcasm

Sarcastic speech is an art-form largely based on body language and tone, neither of which are effectively communicated in written text. Far too often a carefully crafted biting remark is completely lost on the reader. I recently heard someone suggest that we need a font to denote sarcasm. This idea is, of course, nothing new and certainly not my own, but I offer a different take on it. Therefore in my writing I will be instituting a new standard: squiggly brackets shall henceforth border a sarcastic remark. Besides, when was the last time you used brackets for any other purpose? Examples would be:

  • I saw the report you wrote yesterday. {Good job.}
  • Your dog puked on my sweater. {Thanks for that.}
  • {I think Transformers 2 was a serious work of art.}