Are You For Real?

Check out this email we received in our office yesterday…

Let me preface this by saying that a) FAFSA verification is not a process that we initiate unless a sibling has been selected (in which case we have to select the other one as well), b) when the student files the FAFSA they receive a Student Aid Report and on this report it lets them know if they’ve been selected for tax verification, b) this is not an unusual occurrence among students, in fact this type of indignant reaction is pretty commonplace.

“I have been selected for verification THREE years in a row, and I must tell you that I am beyond furious. If this is supposedly a random selection process, then why have I been “randomly” fucked three years in a row? I need my financial aid money, but I do not feel that I should give in to the seemingly discriminatory practices of your institution. Please contact me as soon as possible to clear up this matter, I do NOT want to submit my entire financial life to your scrutiny one more time. Thank you for your timely response to this matter, but please know that I have no qualms about taking further action against this issue if it is not resolved. Thank you again.”

Where in the world did this student get the idea that treating people that way would get them to help in any way, shape, or form? What part of their brain makes them think that cursing at people is proper protocol? How in the world is this student that confident in that they refuse to look up policies and procedures before spouting off at the mouth?

The information about Financial Aid Verificationis plastered all over our website. Not only that, but when you complete the FAFSA online it tells you that you may be selected for verification and it makes you check a box acknowledging that you understand the process. I would love to say that this spouting off is a rare occurrence however it is not.

Also, this student mentions that they are not going to supply us with the documents and has “no qualms about taking further action against this issue if it is not resolved“. What the heck is that supposed to mean? With whom? This is the federal government. Who the heck does this student think they’re going to call to be exempt from this federal requirement? The entitlement of these students here at this University never ceases to amaze me.

*Photos courtesy of Despair, Inc.