Rainy Days and Mondays

Today I’m showing the clip for “Rainy Days and Mondays” by The Carpenters. It is one of my favorites although I have to admit that I’m a big Carpenters fan to begin with. Plus, though I was primarily named after Leslie Caron … my mother really loved Karen Carpenter so I’m named partially in honor of her. She died early from Anorexia. Back then there wasn’t much known about the disease. This song is fitting for today because it is the beginning of the drop/add period (the first week of classes) at the University. It’s always a stressful time for both the employees and the students. Keep me in your prayers. 🙂

Here are the liner notes from The Singles 1969-1973 written by Digby Diehl:

The conventional manner in which new material is supposed to come to a hit recording group is by the submission of demonstration records — recordings often just sung by the songwriter with piano accompaniment in order to audition the basic tune. Out of hundreds of “demo” records that Richard has received, Rainy Days is the only song obtained in this manner that he has ever selected to record for single release. Recorded early in 1971, Rainy Days was included on the Carpenters album. Released a s asingle in April of that year, it became their fourth consecutive million-seller.

And here are the lyrics to the song:

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old
Sometimes I’d like to quit
Nothing ever seems to fit
Hangin’ around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

What I’ve got they used to call the blues
Nothin’ is really wrong
Feelin’ like I don’t belong
Walkin’ around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

Funny but it seems I always wind up here with you
Nice to know somebody loves me
Funny but it seems that it’s the only thing to do
Run and find the one who loves me.

What I feel has come and gone before
No need to talk it out
We know what it’s all about
Hangin’ around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. That’s a great Monday song! I hope you get off to a good start this school year and all the craziness doesn’t “get you down.”

    I added a video of Jack Johnson singing “Gone” after I saw your comment. I don’t think I’d heard the original before, and I’m glad you posted about it in your comment. I like it better than the BEP version. Now I have to go look up more about Jack Johnson. Isn’t he the guy that did the Curious George songs?

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