Someone please buy me this …

Welcome to this first edition of what shall now be named someone please buy me this

Unfortunately I am house poor. I went through an awful battle this last year with the PITA formerly known as Countrywide and barely saved my house from foreclosure. I’m struggling with making ends meet. I’m also struggling with the fact that there are so many things out there that I can’t purchase for myself … not to mention the fact that I’ve had to hold off on charity giving and am currently not making my payments to support my poor child in Africa.

Oh my God y’all … when it rains, it pours! So, because I cannot buy these lovely items myself I am going to start posting them here. Maybe some anonymous person will take pity and send the gifts my way … maybe not. Mostly I just want to have a record of the lovely things for when I DO have money one day and can buy them myself! 🙂482416PC_D_Vivre_Set

First up … the Tracy Porter Vivre 16 Piece Set (honestly I’m in love with the whole line, not just the set of dishware).

Oh wow! It’s so funky and fun and I’m totally in love. You may have first seen this set via The Pioneer Woman both here and here.


Oh Lordy … look at those bowls … I need those bowls. And look here … two examples of the plates … look at those plates!


Hello there pretty salad plate … would you like to come home with me? How about you dinner plate? Whatcha think?


I can’t imagine that I would want to use this set every day … but they’re super fun to have for a girls night or something!


And if we’re being completely honest here … I’d settle for a mug! 🙂

Okay that’s all for this first edition … look for more coming up soon because I need to have an outlet for my need to purchase and the lack of ability to do so!