Welcome to another episode of Things I Like. Today I want to talk a little about the Fuze drink Slenderize. Unfortunately none of the other Fuze drinks are in the Eat This, Not That book but I actually like Slenderize very much so it doesn’t bother me. 🙂

The Slenderize Fuze drinks are not actually supposed to be a diet supplement, nor are they actually there to help you slenderize as a Slim-Fast shake might do. Rather, these drinks are lo-carb and healthy enough to drink and not detract from a weight loss regimen. These drinks are low calorie, low sugar, and help you feel like you’re having a drink more like soda or tea or something that isn’t just water.

I am a big water drinker and I also keep fresh iced-tea in the house but these are great to have at lunch and make me feel like I’m having something that isn’t boring and keep me from going to the machine and buying a soda! I highly recommend these drinks, as well as pretty much anything in the Eat This, Not That books. The Tangerine Grapefruit is very refreshing and the Cranberry Raspberry is as well. Of course, both would be even better with a little Grey Goose but that’s neither here nor there … hee hee! 😉

So, bottom line … these drinks are great tasting and lo-carb so go out and try some today!


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