Hooked on … pendant lamps

Hey y’all … it’s Friday and once again I’m participating in Julia‘s blog party … and today I’m totally hooked on pendant lamps! Oh my goodness … I can’t even begin to explain how much I want a big house just so I can have multiple surfaces to hang pendant lamps over!

Check these out! I’d love to see these above a fun basement bar in a great rec-room … especially one with fun old-school panelling on the walls!

I see a lot of blown glass pendants over kitchen bar areas and here are a few good examples of popular styles. These are usually grouped in twos or threes and can either be hung at the same height or, as seen in this picture, in varying heights. Just make sure they’re all the same or at least in a similar unifying style (unlike these examples).

And how about these? Wouldn’t these bamboo pendants look great over a casual dining table … maybe again in that rec-room or over a desk in a study?

I’ve seen these pretty stars hanging in a corner of a living room and I, for one, think they look fabulous!

Another great use of pendant lamps is in a hallway … especially if you have a fun modern home or office!

Keep in mind that you don’t need to just hang the pendant lamps over the bar area or in hallways or over desks. Instead of the traditional chandelier people are starting to hang two pendant lamps over the dining table to create a more modern dining area. Check out the examples below!

 I especially love the pattern hidden inside this last set! Absolutely gorgeous!

Okay y’all … that’s it for today. Check out the rest of the fun things posted at the blog party over at Hooked On Houses and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hooked on … pendant lamps

  1. I love pendant lights too, especially the blown glass kind. I’m hoping to persuade Beloved Husband to hang some over the vanity when we tackle a bathroom remodel.
    That ‘peeking’ pattern in your last photo is great!

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