WTF Pandora


So, yeah … I USED to listen to Pandora everyday at work. Mostly because it was highly customizable … but also because it was free. Now, I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have cable and for a while I didn’t even have a converter box and that I’m trying hard to make ends meet so subscribing to Pandora is last on my list. Sure, it’s $36 for the year. Sure, that seems like a bargain. However, I’m trying my hardest to be frugal and that means that I’ve had to make the switch to Windows Media Internet Radio. Needless to say I’m not the happiest about it. I think that if this keeps up I might just have to look at my budget and see about subscribing to Pandora … I’ll keep you posted. Please let me know your thoughts or what you listen to while you’re at work 🙂