Malibu Barbie is that you?


Hey there! Today I’m posting some more pics from my trip to southern California. Ashley and I drove around Hollywood and into Beverly Hills, we went out on the Sunset Strip, we went to visit Mark at his place in Pasadena, and we drove out to Malibu Beach. See that picture above? I have no idea who’s house that is in Beverly Hills but they must be in love! How adorable … must have been newlyweds or celebrating an anniversary. Oh look! It’s the Beverly Hills Hotel … just past that is my new home. I can’t wait to have y’all over! Don’t worry … I have a beach house in Malibu as well so there’s plenty of room for guests 😉



Ashley and I went to XIV on Sunset for their 6 on Sunset cocktail specials one evening and it was super nice.



Look at me rockin LA. Get it girl! Ha ha ha. Anyway … another night I was there we went to Ketchup, which is owned by some of the guys from That 70s Show… namely Ashton Kutcher. YUMMY (both the food and the man himself)! Ketchup is known (obviously) for their ketchup’s. They have several different kinds from sweet to spicy to ranch to teriyaki. The food is really good and on Sunday’s it’s half off! Here are a few pics of the restaurant itself along with a pic I took of the fries and ketchup.


The restaurant below Ketchup is Caffe Primo. Ashley and I ate there for lunch one day and it was soooo good! I had a tunafish panini and it came with a side salad tossed in a yummy vinaigrette. Muy Delicioso! After cruising around town we headed out to Malibu Beach in search of Malibu Barbie.


We decided to have lunch at Malibu Seafood and on the way there we passed Pepperdine University. For those who don’t know … Pepperdine is a small Christian University located right on the coast in Malibu. It was gorgeous! I can’t imagine having the opportunity to learn in such a beautiful location!


Driving around we made our way to Point Dume State Preserve which is the farthest point out on that part of the coast and offers the best viewing area for sunsets. We saw plenty of cute little shops and of course, my new beach house, not to mention the surfers in their wetsuits who must have been freezing … especially since the waves were poor and the weather was dreary.





Our next venture was over to a suburb of Los Angeles … Pasadena. I just loved this town. It was definitely a place I could picture living … cute little backyard pool and all. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the area and am grateful to Ashley for driving me all over the place.

One of the funniest things about the trip were the vanity plates on all the cars! In California it must be cheap to have a vanity plate because I’ve never seen so many cars with them. We saw IMPLTDR (implant Doctor), TRPHYWF (trophy wife), and best of all were all the sayings about cats. Another option for the vanity plate is to include a heart symbol as a character. Here is an example:


We saw a TON of cat vanity plates like, 1CAT2(heart) and the heart symbol was at the end (one cat to love?). We saw I(heart)CATS … man, those California folks sure are some cat lovers. Of course most recently on the news I saw some tribute plates to Michael Jackson … here’s an example of what those folks are up to:


Okay … that’s all for now but stay tuned because soon I’ll post my pics from the beautiful Del Mar Beach just outside San Diego! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Saturday I was able to spend a few hours by the pool and it was gorgeous! Sunday night I’m headed to a good friend’s wedding. CONGRATS Peter and Jess! Love you! 🙂