You want what exactly?

“I know that my registration time says it starts at the end of the month but if I come in person today can I register?”

“But it’s not fair that I have to wait until that day for registration, all the classes will be filled.”

“I don’t care if I’m registering at the same time as all the other people with my same number of credit hours, you need to change mine.”

“So you mean I have to fill out the FAFSA before you will tell me what I qualify for?”

“I can’t fill out that form because I don’t have internet access in my house … can’t you do it for me?”

“But my Community College would tell me my award and information over the phone.”

“My other school never made me fill out forms.”

“I don’t understand, the people at my old University used to do it for me.”

“I want to speak with a supervisor right now!”

Welcome to my life as a University employee. Welcome to the world of whiny people who don’t feel they should have to handle their own business but want someone else to handle it for them … like mommy or daddy do.

Every day I’m confronted with people who genuinely feel like they are a unique snowflake who shouldn’t possibly be made to suffer the same fate as everyone else at the school. Every day I speak with people who have suffered from McDonaldization and think that because we are a University, we should be like every other school and that we should do everything exactly the same. Every day I am constantly reminded that I’m obviously stupid and I don’t care and I’m out to personally ruin each and every ones lives.

News Flash: I actually care about students. I’m not out there trying maliciously to cause strife or to “screw people over”. I’m not a bitch, I’m not an idiot, I don’t try and make things harder for you, and I certainly am not purposely sabotaging your higher education. I try every day to make the University a better place. I try to educate people in a friendly way and help them succeed with their goals. What do I get for this, I ask you? Complaining, arguing, name-calling, talking-over, rude, obnoxious behavior.

When I am in restaurants, or retail stores, or any chance I have of dealing with people … I’m kind and considerate and educated and reasonable.  I do my research and I show up prepared. I understand that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and I don’t ever expect anyone to be perfect. That’s all I ask. Whether it be from co-workers or from customers … please treat me with respect … please treat everyone with respect no matter who they are or what job they are doing.


5 thoughts on “You want what exactly?

  1. You can even be nice to telemarketers if you try. Yes, it’s true. They may make it hard for you, but it can be accomplished. Even when I have to hang up on them, I try to do it nicely. Can you tell I once had that most loathsome of jobs?

    All that college enrollment and financial aid stuff can be confusing if you’ve never done it. The people that we’ve dealt with at K-State have been *so* nice and understanding. I try to remember to thank each person who talks with us or helps us in some way.

  2. I feel your pain (almost). I think working in your department is the hardest because that is where there are more expectations from students. Unfortunately, people have become fixated with the miracle pill or click on a button and viola it’s done mentality.
    As you know, I, too worked in the University system. I loved my jobs, but I mostly worked with the professors. They are also a part of this whole idea of being unique and needing extra hand holding. They feel the strongest of their entitlement. I have indulged this behavior coming from a customer service background where the customer is always right. Even though it wasn’t my job, I would type a letter up or mail out something for them. I can at least say they were more appreciative than a student would have been.
    At another state university I worked in the Library where I did extensive research for people and I do have a degree in the Library Sciences. Professors and students couldn’t fill out a basic form to locate their research materials. I have spent plenty of time “filling in the blanks” in order to locate their research. Then, if I did find this rare 1800’s book and it was located at one library in the US, they were baffled at why they wouldn’t let us borrow it from them to use!! Again, another sign of their so called uniqueness that they should have the privilege of using that book! To top it off, when we did get a rare book or newspaper they were super pissed that they could only view it in the Special Collections room. What, you think we are going to be liable for a 100 plus year old, rare item for you to cram in your back pack and touch with your Cheeto filled fingers!?!
    I guess my point is that I feel your pain. I wish people would stop and think about what is expected of them and to do the work. If you want/ need that financial aid, you would fill out that form. It’s simple really.

    Hope things get better… at least after the semester gets going! 🙂

  3. being a recent college student, i understand where a lot of these kids are coming from. especially if other universities have been caring enough to do it for them in the past as well. i’d make the same mistake. yes, they may be stupid questions to you, but honestly, a lot of people just don’t know. i wouldn’t know i have to fill out forms before you’ll even address my questions. i wouldn’t know that i couldn’t register NOW by going in. i’d think i was being proactive.

    i also would be a bit annoyed if my old university helped me, but this new one won’t. i get it that you don’t have 2 hours to devote to every student, and i bet its frustrating to hear the same questions over and over again, but i feel bad for them. they are young. and college is scary and learning to do things for yourself is scary, and asking a question like, “but my community college would tell me my award and information over the phone” is a completely legitimate question for someone who doesn’t know better.

    and i definitely understand the annoyance of a late enrollment date. i also understand that that’s the system and you’ll just have to haunt your wings account every day and night of drop add week and hit the refresh button every minute until a spot opens up, or hunt down overrides. its frustrating nonetheless.

    what i’m trying to say is that i can see both sides. and i understand being irate doesn’t help anything, but from a person who was there not too long ago, these kids’ questions are warrented. they are not lacking common sense, but maturity.

    now, this immaturity doesn’t give them the right to be rude or hostile, but i’m sure you infer WHY they resort to being rude and hostile: they are immature. its like dealing with a child.

    i’m sorry people are mean to you!! think of all those kids who you DO like though. those few who actually make your job worthwhile. 🙂

    1. I definitely understand where you’re coming from, Ashley. I know it’s hard because I once was there myself. I guess I should have prefaced this post a little better. The questions I’m getting are mostly in response to me telling them otherwise. When I say, “The time-ticket you see posted in your account shows you the date and time you may begin registering for courses,” the appropriate response is not, “I know it says that, but …” I get a lot of “BUT …” in my job and that’s the frustrating part. I know that your old University broke the LAW (the Family Education Rights And Privacy Act but the law specifically forbids me from giving information without a picture ID (which means that I can’t do that over the phone). We have all this posted all over our website. Along with most of the other information we get calls about. It’s not that I don’t want to help or that I think they’re idiots … I know it’s a lack of maturity but that’s not the part that bothers me. Honestly, what bothers me is that not one person has looked anything up before calling and they have unrealistic expectations coupled with an entitlement attitude. “But …” is not acceptable. When we say things are a certain way that’s how they are … I mean think about the enrollment date issue. If we didn’t have time tickets then EVERYONE would be coming in … I mean, why would you wait if you didn’t have to? It only makes sense if thought about realistically. I honestly think that if they read about it or looked for the info on the website or did even just the slightest research I would have near the amount of complaints. I mean, there are THOUSANDS of students we don’t talk to so obviously the information is available and the answers can be found. The students you read me ranting about are the ones who don’t do anything for themselves … and when they get out of college they’re in for a rude awakening. I feel so bad for them. I mean, think about it. Just because your boss doesn’t come up to you and specifically outline what is or isn’t acceptable work attire doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to know that information. It’s in the employee handbook. You’re expected to read it and know what’s in it. Just like employees, the University has handbooks and guides online, and as a new student you’re expected to read it and know what’s in it (which is mentioned several times at their orientation). If you have never read the handbook and you are repremanded for something it is no ones fault but your own. Call and ask questions please … I love the legitimate ones! It’s the calls I get after the semester has ended … where they’re complaining that they received a failing grade for a course that they “didn’t know they were registered for” that bother me. You didn’t check your account once the whole semester!?! Sometimes you gotta take a stumble to learn to watch where you’re walking. 🙂

  4. Oh I feel the pain of this post. Not so much at my job (although there are times), but in my daily life. People feel so entitled to everything, and seem to be lacking common courtesy entirely.

    That makes me sound so much older and more crochety that I am, but there you have it. It makes me sad to see what little respect we bestow upon each other.

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