Hooked on … door knobs

Hey y’all … today is Friday and today I’m participating in the Hooked On Houses Friday event … and I’m hooked on door knobs. I absolutely love old door knobs! I want an old house one day that I can restore and I hope to fill it full of beautiful old door knobs!

This iron knob and holder is just gorgeous! Don’t you just love that old keyhole!?!

This door knob is bronze finished and is new but looks old … love it!

I also love the idea of the bronze finished door handle that’s lever-styled. I think that my future home will definitely have bronze finished door knobs and handles!

Speaking of beautiful door knobs that have handles … check this out … how gorgeous!

This door knob is a replication of one from an old English country house … a little much for my tastes but beautiful nonetheless.

This is an old 1930s art deco door knob that would look great on a set of glass windowed French doors into a study or something!

This beautiful glass door knob is from the first half of the 20th century and unlike the flimsy ones made today … they were beautiful, standard issue, and made to last. If you find an old one grab it! And then mail it to me … hee hee.

Another cool idea is the oval Victorian style door knob where the oval is set on it’s side.

Antique brass door knobs are also quite beautiful and would look lovely in a beautiful old home. This one below has a beautiful design.

One more that I have to include is this old door knob from New York City Public Schools. I love door knobs that have writing etched into them. They’re beautiful … and of course remind me of the movie Home Alone where the one robber places his hand on the door knob and the M (for McCallister) gets burned into his palm. I love the idea of customizing your door knob!

One final thought … be sure that you are placing period-appropriate knobs throughout your home … nothing looks worse than a Victorian-styled knob in a Craftsman-styled home! 🙂 When you get a chance, stop by Julia‘s blog party and have a look at all the other things people are hooked on.

Have a good weekend y’all!


9 thoughts on “Hooked on … door knobs

  1. The NY Public School door knob is great! I guess you couldn’t steal that and get away with it!

    I love door knobs and drawer pulls. Fun stuff!

    Becky k.
    Hospitality Lane

  2. That first door plate is just dreamy!! The crystal is always a classic and that last one is something I have never seen! What a piece of history!

    Happy 4th!
    xo isa

  3. Well, they do say it’s all in the details. I was meandering through Beacon Hill in Boston recently and there was a shop full of these kind of doorknobs… but at shockingly high prices. Flower Patch Farmgirl, you are lucky to have these in your home already!

  4. What a fun post… got me thinking about my front door again… Perhaps a new door knob or handle might help. Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~Really Rainey~

  5. Thanks y’all for your great comments! It is very true, Struggler, that when you find them in shops they’re quite pricey so if you find them in an old home somewhere … grab them … and then send them to me 😉 Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

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