Blackberry? iPhone? Neither?

Today I’m showing y’all  a video of Jerry Seinfeld talking about smart phones. It’s hilarious and almost exactly how I feel about them. I have a Blackberry but I haven’t hooked it up to email or anything so really it’s just an easier keyboard for text messaging. I really thought long and hard about buying the iPhone but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money. It’s not just the cost of the phone but you also have the increase in your monthly bill due to the addition of internet service, etc. So, needless to say I’ve just been making due. Sometimes I get a little jealous of those with the iPhones because of their cool applications but it’s the same as when I get jealous of those with cable television … I get over it fairly quickly.

Speaking of cable television … y’all know that I don’t have it and instead use rabbit ears. Well, have I mentioned that I’m too lazy (read: poor) to go out and get the converter box so ever since June 12th I haven’t even had local stations. I’ve gone without any form of television for weeks now. I’m amazed at how well I’m handling it. Yesterday on my way home from work I spotted what looked like a tornado off in the distance … which was the weirdest thing to see in person. I mean, I’ve seen them on the news and in movies plenty of times but have never really seen one in person but when I got home I desperately wanted to switch on the news to see what the heck was going on and if I was going to die here soon. Since I don’t have even the local stations I went online and wouldn’t you know, the local news station had a live feed on their website. How cool! I got to listen to them talk about how it was only a waterspout over the river and I was much relieved. It was so nice being able to have access to television without being on the television. So, now I’m thinking I can hold off on the converter box thing even longer … yay 😉


3 thoughts on “Blackberry? iPhone? Neither?

  1. I’m with you on the rabbit ears! We did get the converter box (using the free government coupon) so our kids could get PBS. In fact, besides PBS, there is maybe 2 shows I will sit down to watch (CSI and Amazing Race). Otherwise, I don’t have a care for it. Which in the IT world, I’m a black sheep.

    1. I have the gov’t coupon I just haven’t gone and purchased the converter box yet … and even though I’m not in IT I’m still considered a freak amongst most everyone I know for not having cable. I’m going on a month of no TV at all and it’s really not that bad. Though this weekend I will be breaking down and buying the converter box … with hurricane season here … I feel like I need better access to breaking news 😉

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