RIP Michael Jackson

This Monday I’m breaking from the songs that have the word “Monday” in them to feature some of my favorite Michael Jackson songs in honor of this amazingly talented though eccentric individual who passed away last week (they are just links because the videos have disabled embedding). The video posted below is his performance of Dangerous at the MTV Video Music Awards. He was an incredible dancer and performer.

At the age of 5 I announced to my mom that I was going to marry him. I had two of the Michael Jackson “Ken” dolls and all the clothes and accessories. I had the glove and microphone for myself along with the pajamas and several shirts bearing his face. I still have the Thriller album on tape and occasionally listen to it in my car when I’m feeling nostalgic. Though this man was quite disturbed as a result of his awfully abusive childhood, no one can deny his amazing talent. May you rest in peace Michael and may your children remember you for the wonderful individual you were and not for the vicious comments about your life. God bless.

I wanted to include all the Jackson 5 songs I know and love but that wouldn’t be a fair tribute. You can look those up on your own. Michael was amazingly talented beginning with his work with his family band … but here are a few of my favorite MJ songs with him as a solo artist … ENJOY!

Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough

Rock With You

Billie Jean


Beat It

The Way You Make Me Feel

The Girl Is Mine

Black or White


You Are Not Alone

Okay … I couldn’t help it … here’s a medley from the Ed Sullivan Show featuring the Jackson 5 …