Hooked on … baby onesies

Oh my goodness … am I hooked on onesies! I have several friends who are pregnant and in searching for the perfect baby shower gift I’ve come across the best little onesies.

You have the nerdy onesies:

The rocker onesies:


The girly or frilly onesies:


And the adorable boy onesies:



Not to mention there is a whole mess of Dr Seuss onesies:

And holiday themed:

Oh wow. I really need to stop. I could just keep going and going. There are so many great ones out there. I think I have a love of cute onesies because of my mom. As a child she had a onesie for me that said, “I’m a wild and crazy baby!” … keep in mind that I was born in 1979 so that phrase was at the peak of its heyday. Of course I can’t find the onesie online and mom can’t find the picture of me so for now you’ll just have to trust that I really had it. I mean, really, would I make that up?


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