Pocket Rockers


Welcome to another edition of Things I Like … this time we’re stepping into the past to talk about Things I Liked (past tense). I want to talk to you a bit about my favorite thing as a child … POCKET ROCKERS! Or, as my sister affectionately called them Pockarockers. Pocket Rockers were my very favorite thing and we still have the player and tapes in mom’s garage (In this second link I gave you it mentions the plastic chain necklaces with the charms and I totally had one!). The Pocket Rockers idea was probably the stupidest invention and was quickly replaced when walk-mans became available. I mean, it played at most two songs on that little tape and you had to carry around a bag full of them (or the belt with the clips) and constantly change them out after each song. BUT, it was awesome for the time when it debuted. I was the first one on my block to get them and I remember sitting in the driveway with my friends and listening to all the tapes. Good times 🙂


Recently, while listening to Pandora (which I’ve talked about before), I heard Lost In Emotion by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam and I was immediately transported back to a more innocent time … back when it was cool to wear three socks over top of one another so you could roll them down individually and show the three different colors. Back when you would wear two tank-tops so you could have one hang off the shoulder and show the other underneath. Back when you would peg your jeans (or tight-roll as some people call it). Back when you would be gone all day riding bikes with your friends and stop in for lunch and be home by dark but your mom wouldn’t really worry about you and you never had a cell phone or anything and yet you were still safe because everyone in the neighborhood looked out for one another and would immediately report to your mom if you were doing something you shouldn’t. Back when you were outside most of the day using your imagination to have great fun with your friends playing games like neighborhood tag where you had an entire street to run from each other. Okay, okay, I could go on and on but I know that everyone has their own version of happiness as a child no matter the generation and it’s more about the innocence of childhood than it is about what era at the time you were a child.

So, I’ve included the video for Lost In Emotion … just to transport all those who remember … back to a time in the past … a time of big hair and neon colored clothes … a time of music videos that have nothing to do with the song itself … ENJOY 🙂

UPDATE: The video link is not working (thanks Jenni for bringing that to my attention) and any other versions of the song found on You Tube are also disabled but I’m going to leave it here so you know what to search for on You Tube, etc. It really is a good video and a perfect example of what I was describing above.