Best cities to be single …

Hey y’all … today I’m on a plane to Los Angeles to visit my sister and take a much needed vacation. My layover is in Las Vegas and I already informed her that because it’s only a four hour drive for her, if I get stuck there somehow without a connecting flight leaving right away, she’s coming and we’re hanging in Las Vegas for a day or so before heading to Los Angeles! We’ll see what happens. Please pray for me that my flight makes it across the country with no problems.

On a much more interesting note, my sister, who is on a constant campaign to get me to move to Los Angeles, which may or may not be a bad thing, whom I love dearly and am honestly considering moving just so I can see her more regularly, sent me this link via Ryan Seacrest‘s blog about the best cities to be single. WOW (That was the longest almost run-on sentence I’ve written as of yet)! Courtesy of the US Census and Who’s Your City, this illustration shows the best and worst cities on a map and really makes me think that living where I do is probably one of the main reasons I’m single 😉



I want to know your thoughts. Where do you live? Do you feel this map is an accurate representation of the single population? I think of things like the giant group of single men in San Francisco and remember that the majority of said men are most likely not interested in females so moving there, though the population of men is in my favor, would probably not be beneficial as none of them would be interested in me … hee hee. So, lets hear it folks. Tell me what you think and give me reasons to stay in Florida or reasons to move away and where exactly should I move? Thanks in advance for participating in my very un-scientific survey 🙂