Manic Monday

Thank you, Rebecca, for suggesting this week’s video. It is a classic and it truly comes to mind most Monday mornings. The video doesn’t start for real until about 20 or so seconds in … it’s from Germany of all places. But The Bangles are one of my favorite bands from childhood. I could do a few weeks worth of their songs on my site but for now I’m sticking to my Monday theme and this week I’m posting Manic Monday.

“Six o’clock already? I was just in the middle of a dream…” Man that song hits home for just about everyone! I think my favorite line is how she’s late “…’cause it takes me so long just to figure out what I’m gonna wear!” That’s so me … even if I plan an outfit the night before I still change my mind the morning of … always.

“Time, it goes so fast when you’re having fun…” so true, so true.


2 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I thought the sideways looks were just something the lead singer did for Walk Like an Egyptian, but she does it throughout her performance here, too. Combined with the little girl type of voice, it reminds me a little of a Betty Boop impression. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just hadn’t noticed it before.

    So, are you out of Monday songs yet? The two you already did are the only two I can think of!

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