Really creative business cards


Hey y’all. A friend of mine recently pointed out a pretty awesome website that showed some pretty awesome ideas for some pretty awesome business cards. Did I mention that they’re pretty awesome? Oh, I didn’t? Well, they’re pretty awesome 😉


Anyway, I was browsing through and I thought why don’t more people make their business cards more creative? Is it because we’re trying to make them wallet-sized and are worried that if they can’t easily fit in the pockets or cases that are readily available are people just going to throw them away? What do you think? Would you take one of these cards and hold on to it or would you think that they were pretty awesome (haha) and then just toss it?


These are some really creative business cards. It’s important to think outside the box when it comes to attracting new business and these are some great ways to make a name for yourself and keep your business fresh in someone’s mind. Though, the divorce lawyer card that tears cleanly down the middle worries me a bit. It’s so sad because it’s a reality of our lives today … divorce is so prevalent that people have come up with a clever way to get you to seek out their firm over others using a catchy business card.


Anyway, visit the site and let me know what you think. Have a great day!