Southwestern Ranch Baked Lays


One word … YUMMY. Seriously. Recently I tried these for the first time and already I’m in love … they have a nice smokey flavor. They’ve definitely got a kick to them but they’re not really spicy. They’re a great snack because they make you feel like you’re eating real fattening potato chips but they’re suprisingly not all that bad for you. I’m also including the nutritional information for you to read before deciding for yourselves. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Southwestern Ranch Baked Lays

  1. They’re still not great for you as they are empty calories. Remember cookies are baked too! In moderation, as with anything else, they are okay. I do admit that they were quite tasty!

  2. You’d know I’d pick a food post for my first comment. I discovered these last week. LOVE ’em.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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